About VE




Tae Jones: How did VE get started?

Anthony "Amptified" Evans: It all started from me trying to get my book published like most author's wanted to be Published. I looked online and Found a couple of companies that would publish my book but at the rates they were charging and not pushing it the way I wanted. I was Unsatisfied. I then talked to a friend about it and he said "You know you can self-publish your own book." Following that statement I talked to my wife about it did some research took my income tax money and invested in my very own publishing Company. I came up with the Name and had my graphic designer make me a logo and Versified Expressions was established April, 2010. the best move I ever made was after my book signing was asking Courtney Trice, Better known as "Eboni Redsoul" and Marc "Scizas" Talley (with whom I had developed a great friendship on the poetry scene) to form a poetry group with me. Together, we had been making frequent trips to Cleveland and Columbus performing. Following that, I asked a few of  the hottest poets in the city such as Sherbert " Reality" Campbell, Delante " Nova" Brady, Ashanti Feaster, Sherman "LS Royal" and J-Nasty to join VE. We traveled all over Ohio making a name for ourselves after hosting a few once-a-month events.  I talked to Eboni Redsoul and Scizas about doing a weekly show and they said lets go for it. The only problem was picking a day to have it so I chose Tuesdays because I didn't want to compete and anything else going on in the city, to with LS Royals Wednesday spot in Cleveland. Once we got started in was on,  and we haven't stopped. The only thing that has change is VE is no longer just a Poetry group or publishing company, its is now a Brand. Over the past four year we've had three different locations until we found a poetry venue we could call home in downtown Akron. 

Tae Jones: Have you ever felt like giving up, and if so , What keeps you going?

Amptified: To be honest, I wouldn't say I have ever felt like giving up, I definitely had a few trying times like all business to where I was very frustrated. Im in this for the long haul and you learn to work past the small stuff.

Tae Jones: With VE, what are you expecting to get out of the Community and how do you give back?

Amptified:  To be honest,  all I ask of the community is to keep supporting the way they have always supported. Now when it comes to giving back, besides giving the a safe establishment to get their voice heard, we do a few abuse awareness night throughout the year. We also do a Food drive for Thanksgiving and Christmas where we're are able to feed a few families and we have a night during Breast Cancer and Aids Awareness month where we donate proceeds fro the door, just to name a few things, starting Saturday, February 22nd we will be doing a youth writing program at Highland Square Library

Tae Jones: What are some of the bigger ideas you are working on? 

Amptified:  Besides the big shows we do every 3 months at the Italian Center, VE will be presenting the NE Ohio Freedom of Speech Awards in April. I'm also working on a big kids event to take place this summer where the kids will perform spoken word and sing. In November o this year, VE will present the city with our first poetry play, of which I'm in the process of finishing the last chapter of the play as we speak